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Announcing Transfeminine Science—the Future of Reddit’s r/MtFHRT

By Aly W. | First published October 5, 2020 | Last modified July 17, 2021

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r/MtFHRT is a subreddit on Reddit which was created in December 2017 for the purpose of creating, collecting, and sharing informational content on the subject of transfeminine hormone therapy.

You may have noticed that r/MtFHRT has been quiet with no new content over the last few months. This is because we’ve been hard at work on a new project and website called Transfeminine Science:

This site is the new and improved home of r/MtFHRT. Much of the content in r/MtFHRT has been moved over to the site and many articles have received significant revision. From now on all content that the r/MtFHRT team produces will instead be published on Transfeminine Science. We will definitely continue to share new content via r/MtFHRT and crosspost to other subreddits like r/TransDIY however.

We opted to migrate to Transfeminine Science to overcome the limitations of Reddit as a platform for our informational content. The limited customizability and capabilities of Reddit-hosted content, Reddit’s frustratingly buggy editing interface, the lack of professional appearance and credibility of hosting such content on Reddit, and especially Reddit’s character limits for threads and comments were among our most important motivations for moving on to Transfeminine Science.

Now that the site is ready for general viewing, we’ll refocus on creating new informational content again. We have many exciting new articles in the works that we’ll be publishing on the site. In the future we’ll also be unveiling a Wiki for hosting supplementary content. And existing content on Transfeminine Science will continue to undergo revision and improvement.

r/MtFHRT has always been a place where anyone can contribute. Unfortunately however, very few threads were submitted to the subreddit after we instituted peer review—and none of the handful of submitted threads met our criteria for approval or completed peer review. Nonetheless, we will still accept original articles for peer review and possible publishing on Transfeminine Science. If you’re interested in potentially contributing an article, please contact us!

—The Transfeminine Science team (Aly, Lain, and Sam)

Update (July 2021): Following the launch of Transfeminine Science, r/MtFHRT served as the official Reddit home for the site and new Transfeminine Science content was linked there. In July 2021 however, we decided to move from r/MtFHRT to a new subreddit called r/TransfemScience.