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For an overview and description of Transfeminine Science, please visit our Home page.


Transfeminine Science originated out of informational content on transfeminine hormone therapy that was created by transfeminine people on the social media website Reddit. Transfeminine Science continues to have a Reddit presence at r/TransfemScience, where links to new articles are posted. For more details on how Transfeminine Science came to be, please visit our Announcement article.


The writers for Transfeminine Science at this time include Aly, Lain, Sam, and Mitzi.

Aly W.

Aly (“she/her”) is a transgender woman from Southern California. She has a passionate interest in transfeminine hormone therapy. Aly began her transition in 2012 and has been obsessively studying the transgender medical literature since. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology summa cum laude from the University of California, Irvine. Aly also completed some of the pre-medicine curriculum and worked for around a year as an appointed volunteer faculty in cognitive science research labs at UC Irvine.

Aly has been a volunteer editor on the English Wikipedia for many years. She was one of the top six medical editors for the online encyclopedia each year from 2015 to 2018. Aly has contributed a large amount of content to Wikipedia in the area of sex hormone pharmacology over the years. See her edit stats, top edited pages, articles created, and image uploads (alt) for a catalogue of her work. When Aly includes inline citations to Wikipedia on this site, they are usually to content that she herself authored.

Aly has been closely involved with the online transgender community for many years, including on Reddit and Discord. She was responsible for founding r/TransBreastTimelines and r/AskMtFHRT, was the lead moderator of r/MtFHRT (now r/TransfemScience) for a few years, and formerly served as a moderator for r/TransDIY. Aly is now no longer on Reddit outside of r/TransfemScience.

Aly can be reached by email at

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Lain M.

Lain (“they/them”) is non-binary and transfeminine. They completed a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and studied bioinformatics and computational biology at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. After withdrawing from their Ph.D. program, Lain migrated to the much warmer climes of the San Francisco Bay Area to work in tech.

As a person entrenched in nightlife community, specifically raving, Lain reformed and ran a nightlife harm reduction non-profit chapter for over 3 years, Bay Area DanceSafe ( At DanceSafe they produced harm reductive literature on pertinent drugs and organized harm reduction booths at various festivals and raves. Through this direct outreach to the nightlife community, Lain led volunteers providing peer education on drugs, consent, sex education, and other pertinent topics as well as substance adulterant testing and harm reduction interventions. As a chapter head, they advocated for the normalization of harm reduction and the reform of drug policy working with peer organizations such as the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), the Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), and also by speaking at several events in the Bay Area.

As Lain began to medically transition, they began to passionately research endocrinology and transgender medicine. They go by u/Klafka612 on Reddit and moderate a few subreddits related to transgender hormone therapy including r/AskMtFHRT and r/TransBreastTimelines.

Lain can be reached via their social media accounts or by email at

➜ Articles by Lain M.

Sam S.

Sam (“she/her”) is a transgender woman from London, United Kingdom. She has no formal medical or research qualifications, but has an intense interest in evidence-based medicine and adherence to the scientific method and has contributed several articles on the subject of transfeminine hormone therapy to Transfeminine Science. Her major research interests include the relatively uncommon to rare adverse effects of hormone therapy in transfeminine people, such as thromboembolism and other cardiovascular diseases. Specifically, she is interested in how the safety of different gender-affirming hormone therapy medications and dosages might compare. Sam has been reading and keeping up to date with the formal medical literature since she began to hormonally transition in 2018.

Sam is active on Reddit as u/Samanthas2000, currently moderating a number of subreddits including r/TransDIY, r/TransBreastTimelines and r/AskMtFHRT. She is also active on the instant messaging platform Discord. Sam can be reached by email at or on Discord with the user tag Samanthas2000#3719.

➜ Articles by Sam S.


Mitzi (“she/they”) is a non-binary transfeminine person who lives in London, United Kingdom. She is prolifically active in DIY HRT communities, where she acts as an educator and advocates a harm reduction approach to self-medication. Mitzi frequently navigates situations that involve transgender homelessness, domestic violence, healthcare discrimination, and substance use both online and locally, and has held advisory roles for a variety of small grassroots organizations, such as Trans Healthcare Network and Gender Construction Kit.

Mitzi has a broad interest in medical academia, with a particular passion for endocrinology and psychopharmacology. She is an outspoken critic of her country’s transgender healthcare system, and has self-medicated for the duration of her own transition.

Mitzi can be reached by email at

➜ Articles by Mitzi


If you would like to contact Transfeminine Science or one of our authors, we can be reached via social media (Reddit, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter). Alternatively, the authors of Transfeminine Science can be reached via their Transfeminine Science email addresses (listed above) and individual social media accounts (e.g., on Reddit or Discord). We welcome feedback on our content and other inquiries.


Transfeminine Science is open to new content and contributors! If you are interested in potentially writing an article for the site or contributing regularly, please contact us. Please note that content will need to conform to our format and standards and will be informally peer-reviewed prior to acceptance.


While some of the authors for Transfeminine Science have formal education and experience in research and statistics, the authors of this site are not medical professionals nor academic researchers. New articles on Transfeminine Science are informally peer reviewed by other authors for the site, but the content on this site has not been formally published nor scholarly peer-reviewed. Readers should not take the content on Transfeminine Science as authoritative but only as a guiding and supplementary resource to the information contained in transgender care guidelines and the medical literature in general. Wherever possible, decisions about medical care should be made in partnership with a clinician. We recognize that many transfeminine people are on do-it-yourself (DIY) hormone therapy however and we aim to help inform this important and underserved community of individuals as well.


Transfeminine Science is copyright of Aly W. and the other authors of Transfeminine Science. All rights are reserved. Please do not reproduce content from Transfeminine Science unless given direct permission from Aly W. (e.g., for translation projects). If permission to reproduce content is granted, the content should be properly attributed and linked back to the original page(s) on Transfeminine Science.