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PDFs and Translations

This page is a collection of publications that (1) are either not available online or are not readily accessible online and have been uploaded (PDFs Only section); (2) are not in English and have been translated (Translations Only section); or (3) both of the preceding (PDFs and Translations section). For information on how publications that are not available online may be obtained, see the article here.

PDFs Only

Not Previously Available Online

  • Agarwal, V. R., Sasano, H., Takayama, K., Rosenthal, I. M., Walton, R., Simpson, E. R., & Bulun, S. E. (1997). Excessive Levels of Aromatase P450 and its Transcripts in Breast Adipose Tissue of a Girl with Pubertal Macromastia [Abstract P1-393]. In The Endocrine Society - Annual Meeting, Program and Abstracts: 79th Meeting, June 11-14, 1997, Minneapolis, Minnesota. / Proceedings of the 79th Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society; 1997 June 11-14; Minneapolis, MN, USA. Bethesda, Maryland: Endocrine Society Press. [Google Books] [WorldCat] [PDF]
  • Anderson, W. A. (1962). Experimental stimulation of breast development in the teen-age female. The Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey, 59, 541–543. [Google Scholar] [PubMed] [PDF]
  • Asscheman, H., Gooren, L. J. G., & Megens, J. (1989). Physical Changes During Hormonal Treatment in Male-to-Female Transsexuals. In Billowitz, A. (Ed.). Proceedings of the XIth Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association Symposium, Cleveland, Ohio, September 20–23, 1989 (pp. 14–15). Palo Alto, California: Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association. [Google Scholar] [PDF]
  • Chakmakjian, Z. H., & Zachariah, N. Y. (1987). Bioavailability of progesterone with different modes of administration. The Journal of Reproductive Medicine, 32(6), 443–448. [Google Scholar] [PubMed] [PDF]
  • Hamburger, C., & Benjamin, H. (1969). Endocrine Treatment of Male and Female Transsexualism / Appendix for the Practicing Physician: Suggestions and Guidelines for the Management of Transsexuals. In Green, R., & Money, J. (Eds.). Transsexualism and Sex Reassignment (pp. 291–307). Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press. [Google Scholar] [Google Books] [PDF]
  • Ibrahim, S. (1996/1998). Pharmakokinetische Untersuchungen mit Östradiolvalerat und Hydroxyprogesteroncaproat in Depotform nach einmaliger Applikation bei 24 postmenopausalen Frauen. [Pharmacokinetic studies with estradiol valerate and hydroxyprogesterone caproate in depot form after a single application in 24 postmenopausal women.] (Doctoral dissertation, Dresden University of Technology.) [Google Scholar] [WorldCat] [Partial PDF]
  • Jacobsohn, D. (1961). Hormonal Regulation of Mammary Gland Growth. In Kon, S. K., & Cowie, A. T. (Eds.). Milk: The Mammary Gland and Its Secretion, Volume 1 (pp. 127–160). New York: Academic Press. [Google Scholar] [PDF]
  • Kohli, M., & McClellan, J. (2001). Parenteral Estrogen Therapy in Advanced Prostate Cancer: Retrospective Analysis of Intra-Muscular Estradiol Valerate in “Hormone Refractory” Prostate Disease. In Grunberg, S. M. (Ed.). Proceedings of the American Society of Clinical Oncology [Proc Am Soc Clin Oncol / Proceedings of ASCO], 20 [Thirty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, May 12–15, 2001, San Francisco, California], 164b–164b (abstract no. 2407). Baltimore: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. [ISSN:1081-0641] [ISBN-10:0-9664495-3-3] [Google Scholar] [OCLC:107121093] [OCLC:107121085] [OCLC:1132117477] [PDF]
  • Kozlov, G. I., Mel’nichenko, G. A., & Golubeva, I. V. (1985). Sluchai laktorei u bol’nogo muzhskogo pola s transseksualizmom. [Case of galactorrhea in a transsexual male patient.] Problemy Èndokrinologii (Moskva) [Problems of Endocrinology (Moscow)] (in Russian). 31(1), 37–38. [ISSN:0375-9660] [Google Scholar 1] [Google Scholar 2] [PMID:4039061] [DOI:10.14341/probl198531137-38] [PDF] [Translation]
  • Kuhl, H. (1998). Adverse effects of estrogen treatment: natural vs. synthetic estrogens. In Lippert, T. H., Mueck, A. O., & Ginsburg, J. (Eds.). Sex Steroids and the Cardiovascular System: The Proceedings of the 1st Interdisciplinary Workshop, Tuebingen, Germany, October 1996. Parthenon Publishing Group, New York, London (pp. 201–210). London/New York: Parthenon. [Google Scholar] [Google Books] [PDF]
  • Kuhnz, W., Gansau, C., & Mahler, M. (1993). Pharmacokinetics of estradiol, free and total estrone, in young women following single intravenous and oral administration of 17β-estradiol. Arzneimittelforschung, 43(9), 966–973. [Google Scholar] [PubMed] [PDF]
  • Sinkula, A. A. (1978). Methods to Achieve Sustained Drug Delivery. The Chemical Approach. In Robinson, J. R. (Ed.). Sustained and Controlled Release Drug Delivery Systems (pp. 411–555). New York/Basel: Marcel Dekker. [Google Scholar] [Google Books] [PDF]
  • Wiemeyer, J. C., Fernandez, M., Moguilevsky, J. A., & Sagasta, C. L. (1986). Pharmacokinetic Studies of Estradiol Enantate in Menopausic Women. Arzneimittel-Forschung, 36(11), 1674–1677. [Google Scholar] [PubMed] [PDF]
  • Wiemeyer, J. C., Fernandez, M., Sagasta, C. L., & Moguilevsky, J. A. (1987). Estudos farmacocinéticos do enantato de estradiol em mulheres na menopausa. [Pharmacokinetic studies of estradiol enantate in menopausic women.] Jornal Brasileiro de Ginecologia, 97(9), 497–501. [Google Scholar] [LILACS] [PDF]
  • Yan, J., Pan, J., Chang, Y., & Kang, J. (1987). The effect of monthly injectable contraceptive megestrol acetate compound on pituitary-ovarian function. 上海第二医科大学学报(英文版) / Journal of Shanghai Second Medical University / Medical Bulletin of Shanghai Jiaotong University, 1(2), 7–12. [Google Scholar] [CNKI] [PDF]

Paywalled and Not on Sci-Hub or LibGen

  • Baker, V. L. (1994). Alternatives to Oral Estrogen Replacement: Transdermal Patches, Percutaneous Gels, Vaginal Creams and Rings, Implants, and Other Methods of Delivery. Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America, 21(2) [Primary Care of the Mature Woman], 271–297. [DOI:10.1016/S0889-8545(21)00629-X] [PDF]
  • Chien, Y. W. (1981). Long-acting parenteral drug formulations. Journal of Parenteral Science and Technology / PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, 35(3), 106–139. [Google Scholar] [URL] [PDF]
  • Sang, G. W., Ge, J. L., Liu, X. H., Shao, Q. X., Zhao, X. J., & Mao, S. M. (1987). 不同剂量庚炔诺酮单独或配伍戊酸雌二醇后的药代动力学及药效学. [Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of different doses of norethisterone enanthate alone and in combination with estradiol valerate.] 中国 临 床药理 学杂志 / Chinese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 3(1), 7–18. [Google Scholar] [CNKI] [DOI:10.13699/j.cnki.1001-6821.1987.01.002] [PDF]
  • Schug, B. S., Donath, F., & Blume, H. H. (2012). Bioavailability and pharmacodynamics of two 10-mg estradiol valerate depot formulations following IM single dose administration in healthy postmenopausal volunteers. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 50(2), 100–117. [Google Scholar] [DOI:10.5414/cp201589] [PDF 1] [PDF 2]

Not Readily Accessible Online

  • Bässler, R. (1970). The Morphology of Hormone Induced Structural Changes in the Female Breast. In Altmann, H.-W., et al. (Eds.). Current Topics in Pathology: Ergebnisse der Pathology, Volume 53 (pp. 1–89). Heidelberg: Springer Berlin. [DOI:10.1007/978-3-662-30514-0] [PDF]
  • Basson, R., & Prior, J. C. (1998). Hormonal Therapy of Gender Dysphoria: The Male-to-Female Transsexual. In Denny, D. (Ed.). Concepts in Transgender Identity (Garland Gay and Lesbian Studies, Volume 11) (pp. 277–296). New York: Garland Publishing Inc. [Google Scholar] [Google Books] [PDF]
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  • Kloosterboer, H. J., Schoonen, W. G., & Verheul, H. A. (2008). Proliferation of Breast Cells by Steroid Hormones and Their Metabolites. In Pasqualini, J. R. (Ed.). Breast Cancer: Prognosis, Treatment, and Prevention, 2nd Edition (pp. 343–366). New York/London: Informa Healthcare. [Google Scholar] [PDF]
  • Kuhl, H. (1997). Ideal dose of ethinylestradiol. In Elstein, M. (Ed.). Extragenital Effects of Oral Contraceptives: [4th Congress of the European Society of Contraception, Barcelona, Spain, June 1996] (pp. 27–38). Lancashire/New York: Parthenon. [Google Scholar] [Google Books] [Partial PDF]
  • Kuhl, H. (1999). Hormonal contraception. In Oettel, M., & Schillinger, E. (Eds.). Estrogens and Antiestrogens II: Pharmacology and Clinical Application of Estrogens and Antiestrogen (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology, Volume 135, Part 2) (pp. 363–407). Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer. [PDF]
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  • Prior, J. C., & Elliott, S. (1998). Hormonal Therapy of Gender Dysphoria: The Female-to-Male Transsexual. In Denny, D. (Ed.). Concepts in Transgender Identity (Garland Gay and Lesbian Studies, Volume 11) (pp. 297–313). New York: Garland Publishing Inc. [Google Scholar] [Google Books] [PDF]
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Translations Only

  • Göretzlehner, G., Ackermann, W., Angelow, K., Bergmann, G., Bieck, E., Golbs, S., & Kliem, O. (2002). Pharmakokinetik von Estron, Estradiol, FSH, LH und Prolaktin nach intramuskulärer Applikation von 5 mg Estradiolvalerat. [Pharmacokinetics of estradiol valerate in postmenopausal women after intramuscular administration.] Journal für Menopause, 9(2), 46–49. [Google Scholar] [URL] [PDF] [Translation]
  • Kaiser, R. (1961). Die Östrogenausscheidung im Zyklus und nach Injektion von Ostradiolester: Ein Beitrag zur Therapie mit Depotsöstrogenen. [Estrogen excretion during the cycle and after injection of estradiol esters. A contribution to therapy with depot estrogens.] Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde, 21, 868–873. [Google Scholar] [PubMed] [Translation]
  • Kaiser, R. (1962). Über die Oestrogenausscheidung nach Injektion von Oestradiolestern. [Estrogen excretion after injection of estradiol esters.] In Nowakowski, H. (Ed.). Gewebs-und Neurohormone: Physiologie des Melanophorenhormons [Tissue and Neurohormones: Physiology of the Melanophore Hormone] (pp. 227–232). Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer. [DOI:10.1007/978-3-642-86860-3_24] [Translation]
  • Kuhl, H. (1990). Ovulationshemmer: Die Bedeutung der Östrogendosis. [Ovulation Preventives: The Significance of the Estrogen Dose. / Ovulation Inhibitors: The Significance of Estrogen Dose.] Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde, 50(12), 910–922. [Google Scholar 1] [Google Scholar 2] [PubMed] [DOI:10.1055/s-2008-1026392] [Translation]
  • Kuhl, H., & Wiegratz, I. (2021). Pharmakokinetik und Pharmakodynamik der in der Assistierten Reproduktion Verwendeten Gestagene. [Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Progestogens Used in Assisted Reproduction.] Gynäkologische Endokrinologie [Gynecological Endocrinology], 19, 105–117. [Google Scholar] [DOI:10.1007/s10304-020-00372-5] [Translation]
  • Premoli, F., Re, I., Asenjo, G., Maximino, G., & Micheletti, L. (2005). Tratamiento del Cáncer de Próstata Avanzado con Estrógenos Transdérmicos Escrotales (ETE). [Transdermal Scrotal Estrogen Patches (TSEP) in the Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer.] Revista Argentina de Urología, 70(4), 231–241. [Google Scholar] [URL] [PDF] [Translation]
  • Sapin, R., Neamtu, D., Gasser, F., Ohl, J., Grunenberger, F., & Grucker, D. (2000). De la prudence lors de l’utilisation des dosages directs de progestérone. [Caution when using direct progesterone assays.] Immuno-analyse et Biologie Spécialisée, 3(15), 203–204. [DOI:10.1016/S0923-2532(00)80010-1] [Translation]
  • Valle Alvarez, D. C. (2011). Efecto de una Dosis de 50 mg de Enantato de Noretisterona y 5 mg de Valerato de Estradiol en los Niveles de Testosterona Total en Hombres Mexicanos Sanos. [Effect of a Dose of 50 mg of Norethisterone Enanthate and 5 mg of Estradiol Valerate on Total Testosterone Levels in Healthy Mexican Men.] (Masters thesis, National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico.) [Google Scholar] [URL] [PDF] [Translation]

PDFs and Translations

  • Becerra Fernández, A., de Luis Román, D. A., & Piédrola Maroto, G. (1999 October 23). Morbilidad en Pacientes Transexuales con Autotratamiento Hormonal para Cambio de Sexo. [Morbidity in Transsexual Patients with Cross-Gender Hormone Self-Treatment.] Medicina Clínica (Barcelona), 113(13), 484–487. [ISSN:0025-7753] [Google Scholar 1] [Google Scholar 2] [PubMed] [WorldCat] [EurekaMag] [PDF 1] [PDF 2] [Translation]
  • Derra, C. (1981). Hormonprofile unter Östrogen- und Antiandrogentherapie bei Patienten mit Prostatakarzinom: Östradiolundecylat versus Cyproteronacetat. [Hormone Profiles under Estrogen and Antiandrogen Therapy in Patients with Prostate Cancer: Estradiol Undecylate versus Cyproterone Acetate.] (Doctoral dissertation, University of Mainz.) [Google Scholar] [WorldCat] [PDF] [Translation]
  • Geppert, G. (1975). Untersuchungen zur Pharmakokinetik von Östradiol-17β, Östradiol-Benzoat, Östradiol-Valerianat und Östradiol-Undezylat bei der Frau: Der Verlauf der Konzentrationen von Östradiol-17β, Östron, LH und FSH im Serum. [Studies on the Pharmacokinetics of Estradiol-17β, Estradiol Benzoate, Estradiol Valerate, and Estradiol Undecylate in Women: The Course of the Relationships Between Estradiol-17β, Estrone, LH, and FSH in Serum.] (Doctoral dissertation, University of Bonn.) [Google Scholar] [WorldCat] [PDF] [Translation]
  • Ghazli, M., Morsad, F., Salah-Eddine, A., El Karroumi, M., Samouh, N., Matar, N., & El Mansouri, A. (2000). La Puberté Féminine: Résultats d’une Enquête auprès de 2000 Adolescentes Marocaines. [Female Puberty: Results of a Survey of 2000 Moroccan Adolescent Girls.] Maghreb Médical, 20(345), 99–104. [Google Scholar] [WHO] [PDF] [Translation]
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  • Kuhl, H. (1986). Hormonsubstitution durch Injektionspräparate und Hautimplantate. [Hormone substitution by injectable preparations and skin implants.] Der Gynäkologe, 19(4), 241–247. [Google Scholar] [PubMed] [PDF] [Translation]
  • Lauritzen, C. (1988). Natürliche und synthetische Sexualhormone – Biologische Grundlagen und Behandlungsprinzipien. [Natural and Synthetic Sexual Hormones – Biological Basis and Medical Treatment Principles.] In Lauritzen, C., Schneider, H. P. G., & Nieschlag, E. (Eds.). Grundlagen und Klinik der Menschlichen Fortpflanzung [Foundations and Clinic of Human Reproduction] (pp. 229–306). New York: Walter de Gruyter Berlin. [PDF] [Translation]
  • Leyendecker, G., Geppert, G., Nocke, W., & Ufer, J. (1975). Untersuchungen zur Pharmakokinetik von Östradiol-17β, Östradiol-Benzoat, Östradiol-Valerianat und Östradiol-Undezylat bei der Frau: Der Verlauf der Konzentrationen von Östradiol-17β, Östron, LH und FSH im Serum. [Estradiol-17β, Estrone, LH and FSH in Serum After Administration of Estradiol-17β, Estradiol-Benzoate, Estradiol-Valeriate and Estradiol-Undecylate in the Female.] Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde, 35(5), 370–374. [Google Scholar] [PubMed] [PDF] [Translation]
  • Müderris, İ. İ., & Öner, G. (2009). Hirsutizm Tedavisinde Flutamid ve Bikalutamid Kullanımı. [Flutamide and Bicalutamide Treatment in Hirsutism.] Türkiye Klinikleri Endokrinoloji-Özel Dergisi [Türkiye Klinikleri Endocrinology-Special Topics], 2(2), 110–112. [ISSN:1308-0954] [URL] [PDF] [Translation]
  • Saborowski, K.-J. (1987). Konservative Therapie mit Cyproteronacetat und Estradiolundecylat beim Fortgeschrittenen Prostatacarcinom: Eine 5-Jahres-Studie. [Conservative Therapy with Cyproterone Acetate and Estradiol Undecylate in Advanced Prostate Cancer: A 5-Year Study.] (Doctoral dissertation, Ruhr-University Bochum.) [58 pages] [Google Scholar] [Google Books] [WorldCat] [PDF] [Translation]
  • Varangot, J., & Cedard, L. (1957). Modifications des Œstrogènes Sanguins Après Administration Intramusculaire de Benzoate d’Œstradiol. [Changes in Serum Estrogens After Intramuscular Administration of Estradiol Benzoate.] Comptes Rendus des Séances de la Société de Biologie et de ses Filiales, 151(10), 1707–1712. [Google Scholar 1] [Google Scholar 2] [PubMed] [PDF] [Translation]
  • Vizziello, G., D’Amato, G., Trentadue, R., & Fanizza, G. (1993). Studio dinamico del blocco ipofisario indotto dalla triptorelina, mediante test all’estradiolo benzoato. [Estradiol benzoate test in the study of pituitary block induced by triptorelin.] Minerva Ginecologica, 45(4), 185–189. [Google Scholar] [PubMed] [PDF] [Translation]